Inspiration and Philosophy

My grandfather was the most incredible businessman, but more importantly was the most incredible person and family man. Before he passed away, I had told him my dream and about this future company I one day aspired to build. Even though he told me wanted to be my “number one investor,” he was truly my “number one role model and teacher.” Everything he said always had a common theme: doing things the right way.

My philosophy of business and the way I have built and currently run Testing Timers comes from the values my grandfather stressed.

The importance of staying true to yourself
The importance of customer service and treating every customer and person with equal and unconditional respect
The importance of slow and steady growth
The importance in understanding what you can and cannot handle
The importance of hard work
The importance of learning
The importance of doing things the right way

There were times where I could have taken short cuts, but I never did. And that’s why I can ultimately go to sleep at night proud of what I have accomplished. Had I been focused on making the most amount of money, in the quickest amount of time, I would have taken literally the exact opposite route I did.